8 thoughts on “Go On Living

  1. I believe they are going to live another life. They might think/remember us, or might not. The main issue is we feel sorry for us, ourselves! Living without them. It’s not easy but it’s not the end of life! Thank you, Kathleen, and sorry in case i was a little be pessimistic

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  2. Ladies ~~ I agree. Sigh.
    While I know that my mum (gone now 3 years) and dad raised me to love life and live it well; and I raised my three beauties to do the same…. Even though I raised them that way and my son was doing just that when he was stuck down I found it difficult to give myself permission to do so after he went Home. It took me just over 7 years to allow myself to let go of the sadness of the grief and realize that letting go of the sadness and let the love continue to shine through. The learning to not feel guilty for smiling, for finding something to smile about took me a long time. Longer than it took for me to learn to be a mum.

    That being said, I think that Ethan and my Mum and other who have come before me in my family (let alone the good Lord, would want me to regain my happiness, the one that Ethan and the good Lord would not want me to let that evil man take away.

    As hard as it is at times, I shall continue to regain and enjoy regaining the me my beauty came to know. And yes, much of what I do is to honor young man that was taken from many people’s lives, including mine.

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    • I agree. The ones we love would not want us to stop living after they died. At least your sweet mom and dad, Papa and grandmother, Manche, Mus, Aunt Jesse, Andrew, and Todd. They are in the presence of Christ. But each one would have a lot to say about it if we simply quit. Especially Grandmother Estes!! She wouldn’t tolerate giving up when we have so much to do for the Kingdom.


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