Book Finished

Yesterday I posted about reading The Kremlin Conspiracy by Joel Rosenberg.

I just finished it. And WOW!

I can hardly wait for the next book in this series!

In the mean time, I just ordered the complete The Twelfth Imamseries.


I’m part of the Tyndale Blog Network and received the book free in exchange for an honest review.

Mr. Rosenberg is a brilliant writer with a firm grasp of world affairs, a strong Christian faith, and love for Israel. Most of his books are set in the Middle East, but in writing this new novel he looked to Russia for his antagonist.

The story of a Russian president determined to restore his country to its former greatness and young men determined to stop him, this book, so far, lives up to my expectations of a Rosenberg novel. I started it before bed last night and between running errands, completing my studies, and doing housework, I’ve read a third of the book already. I was hooked by page five. I’ll probably finish it by tomorrow but am hoping I can draw it out over a few days. I always hate finishing a great book!

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