Wedding and Traveling and Other Stuff

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much. Life is very busy right now!

I’ve spent a great deal of time outside working on the new trail to the Back Five, clearing flower beds, planting trees, repairing gutters, and pressure washing just about everything that doesn’t move. I will soon be spreading gravel and dirt on the driveway and low spots around the house with my front end loader. That is if it ever stops raining.

Easter is this weekend which means it’s almost April! And that means it’s almost time for a wedding!!!

Our oldest son is getting married on April 6. We are excited to add Taryn to the family. The wedding will be about three hours away in Oklahoma.

They have chosen their siblings as their attendants. Our son Adam is Best Man and Taryn’s Sister is her Maid of Honor. The groomsmen include our Peter and Taryn’s brother. Our three daughters are the bridesmaids. Our grandkids will be ringbearers and flower girl. David is getting married with his grandfather’s ring. David Glen is named for Glen D. Duncan, Ron’s dad.

The groomsmen will be leaving an empty spot in the lineup; it’s where Andrew would have stood. As a Marine, David chose the Missing Man Formation as a way to remember his brother and include him in the wedding. Yes, I’m already emotional about this. I’m not sure I would have chosen it, but I love that they want to honor Andrew. And it’s their wedding, so they get to choose. It will be beautiful.

I’m sure I’ll post one or two pictures from the festivities. (Or maybe a few more than two.😉)

I may not post much else for a while because we are going to be very busy.

After the wedding the grandchildren, our daughter, and son-in-Law will be here a few days.

Then I’m heading to Tennessee for about a month.

I am attending the Precept Ministries International Women’s Conference the second weekend in April. April 13-15. I’m looking forward to hearing great teaching from awesome women.

I’ll be visiting friends in Nashville and Memphis the following few days before going back to Chattanooga April 21-30 for the Spring Study Program covering 1 Peter.

No, I haven’t started my homework yet because I thought we had decided not to go to the study program due to Ron’s very busy work schedule. I’d canceled my plans to go to Bristol and visit friends between the women’s conference and the study program.

Then I got a text from our daughter Maggie.

Last Saturday Maggie asked if she could attend the study program with us since she lives nearby and doesn’t have classes the week of April 23. “Hmmm, let me think about that…OF COURSE YOU CAN!” was my answer. So we changed plans again.

This will be Maggie’s first Precept study. She’s jumping right into the deep end of the pool. I’m excited to have her join us. Especially since she’s moving to Utah in August and I won’t get to see her as often.

Ron is joining us for the last half of 1 Peter. He’ll arrive Thursday, April 26. (The study program starts Monday 4/23 and ends about noon on Monday 4/30.)

We are staying in Chattanooga the week of April 30 because Maggie graduates college on that Saturday!! Whoot! Whoot!!

Ron will be visiting customers in cities nearby on Monday through Thursday that week. I’ll be napping. And helping Maggie pack things for me to bring home in my car.

Events for graduates and their families begin Thursday evening and culminate with the graduation ceremony Saturday afternoon.

Just four years ago Maggie was a teenager hanging out with friends and living at home. The time has flown by! Here is her high school senior picture.

I’m sure I’ll post pictures of her college graduation. As of May 5, 2018, I’ll have three college graduates! My girls have all finished college and my guys are all more than half way.

Ron and I will drive to Memphis the day after graduation. Driving five hours that day will help me have a shorter drive home later that week.

Sunday evening we will fly to Baltimore for an industry association meeting. Ron has meetings during the day and dinners with business colleagues in the evenings. I’m going exploring with a homeschool mom and wife of one of his colleagues during the day. I get to go to the Baltimore Aquarium!!

Ron will fly home from Baltimore on Thursday. I’ll fly back to Memphis on Wednesday to get my car filled with Maggie’s things and drive home. (Maggie is staying in Chattanooga to be in a wedding then driving home the first of June.)

I’ll be gone from April 12 through May 10.

Our local Walk for Life to support our crisis pregnancy center in May 12. Which is also Ron’s birthday. We will be home to celebrate.

May 13 we may fly to Wyoming for another industry meeting. If we go, we will be home May 17.

To sum up:

  • April 1 Easter Sunday
  • April 5-7 Wedding
  • April 7-9 Grandkids visiting us
  • April 12-16 in Chatt for Women’s Conference
  • April 16-20 visit friends in Nashville and Memphis
  • April 21-30 Chatt for Study Program
  • May 1-2 Resting in Chatt
  • May 3-5 Graduation events in Chatt
  • May 6-9 Memphis to Baltimore to Memphis
  • May 10 drive home
  • May 12 local Walk for Life
  • May 13-17 Jackson, Wyoming

A friend asked me if I’m traveling much these days. I answered, “No, not really. I’ve been home most of the time since November. But I do have a couple of trips coming up.”

Yes, I have a bit of traveling to do the next two months. I’ll be busy most of the time so may not be posting much. I’ll, of course, write my gratitude post on the 12th each month. And I have my winter reading list to post, probably next week.

I pray you all have a joyous Easter and wonderful spring!

This is my Maggie on spring break.

4 thoughts on “Wedding and Traveling and Other Stuff

  1. Miss Kathleen ~ busy is good.
    Wow. I am looking at the screen through tears. My heart aches with yours at your son and daughter-in-law to-be’s choice to leave the spot open. I will be praying for this new union, and praying for you and your husband, in addition, for the hearts that will be hurting oh ssssoooo much. I hope and I pray the in the void all can see your gone-too-soon standing there. I feel him there already, waiting, with much joy to be included in this family gathering, family celebration.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, Kathleen. Busy, indeed! So happy for all the good things that are taking place, although I have to admit I got tears in my eyes reading about the “missing man” formation. Sweet and sad at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

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