Happy Birthday David Glen


David, Ron, Adam, andPeter

Mid-October 1987 Ron Duncan told me I was pregnant.

I was sure he was wrong. So sure that I refused to take time to go get tested. (No, I hadn’t learned true submission yet. Plus I had accounting tests to study for!)

Ron was so sure I was pregnant that he told me to pee in a jar and put the lid on it. He put it in a paper bag and took it to my doctor’s office for a pregnancy test. Of course, he was right. I was expecting our third child.

One Tuesday evening months later, he told me I was in labor. I’d been so busy with dinner and getting two little girls to bed I hadn’t paid attention to what I thought were more Braxton Hicks contractions.

“Sweetheart, they’ve been coming every three minutes for an hour now. I think we need to call the sitter and go,” he said. Of course, he was right.

Ron loaded his guitar and my go bag. We headed to the hospital. (Rather than just pant through labor, we sang worship songs. It was wonderful.)

At about 2 am on May 4, 1988, our first son was born. We were thrilled. We named him after Ron’s favorite bible character King David and his dad Glen Duncan.

(By the way, I graduated college four days later.)

David Glen Duncan has made us proud in so very many ways. Eagle Scout at age 14, Congressional Page at 17, US Marine at 20, and over all a fine young man. He is now married to a wonderful woman. He wears his granddad Glen’s wedding ring.

Happy Birthday to my oldest son. David Glen I’m excited I get to see you this weekend in Chattanooga. 😘


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday David Glen

  1. Thanks for creating such a special human being and sharing him with me and the world. He really is an amazing man.

    Lucky to be a part of the family now ❤️

    (And I hope to get the rest of the wedding pictures soon too 😂)

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  2. Miss Kathleen;
    I love the story you told while reintroducing us to your David.
    Thank you all for your service, both David and the family.
    And Happy Birthing Day to you Miss Kathleen and Ron!

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