Cult. A Book Review

Cult by J. l. Pond

Rudy is a senior in high school. Though he attends a Christian school and grew up in a Christian home, he struggles with habitual sin and hard questions about God. He can’t talk to his parents about his doubts, and, until a new girl comes to school, he thinks no one else would understand his questions about faith. Together along with two friends, Amy and Rudy form a cult to explore truth and find answers to their questions .

Like many books I’ve read the past few years, this novel caused me to pause and think. I saw myself in Rudy’s dad; I mishandled my teens’ questions. Long ago, I asked forgiveness of my adult children and worked to make amends, but mending damaged relationships takes time.

Parents of teens should read this novel. Most of us don’t understand the many struggles our kids face; the world really is very different than when we were teens. Too many of us are so set in our beliefs that we won’t listen to our teens when they express doubts or question the theology they’ve heard their whole lives. Perhaps we should listen more patiently to our kids and help them explore the tough questions.

Teens should read this novel. Answers to your doubts can be found when you honestly search for them.

Youth pastors should read this novel. You may see yourself in Rudy’s pastor, or his parents. Maybe you can learn a thing or two about reaching teens.

J.L. pond is a first-time novelist and I look forward to his next book.

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