I had surgery Wednesday to remove a benign mass in my right submandibular salivary gland. When I awoke in recovery I was disappointed. For a moment I was disappointed that I did not wake up in heaven.

This world is not my home. My citizenship is in heaven and I eagerly await our Savior’s return. Until then, I have work to do here on earth, good work that God prepared in advance for me to do.

Yes, I was momentarily disappointed.

Then I was reminded that God is my creator. He is the potter and He chooses what to make of His clay. In His infinite wisdom and abounding love, God has kept me alive for yet another day on planet earth.

Though heaven will be wonderful, and I look forward to our great reunion, I must accept that God did not choose to take me home. And I will rejoice in His choice and plan.

While here on earth, I will choose to work as unto Him and not men. I will choose to do the next right thing and glorify Him in all I say and do. Even as I live on planet earth and though many I love are already alive with Him in heaven, I will rejoice in all things.

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