Surgery Recovery

For those who read this blog regularly, here is an update on the tumor.

Surgery to remove the entire right submandibular salivary gland yesterday (7/18) was successful. The doctor said he found no surprises. The mass/tumor was completely contained within the gland and removed. The tissue around the gland was inflamed and this required a drain. The drain was removed this afternoon.

The pathologist was confident the mass/tumor was benign.

I’m home and resting. My jaw, neck, and throat are sore, but Tylenol and a few painkillers seem to be keeping the pain under control.

My husband is a great caregiver. He’s home with me today.

Thank you for your prayers and messages of encouragement.

The two weeks prior to surgery I was in Denver helping care for a family member who was ill. Hospital duty can be exhausting! I was glad to get home Saturday and rest a few days.

Now it’s time to rest, lay on the couch in the air conditioning, and watch Downton Abbey Season 1.

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