Another Year Has Passed

Another year has passed.

I realize I am not the first mother to lose her son. Eve grieved Abel. Mary grieved Jesus. I will not be the last. Many others will walk this road. But knowing these things does not make losing my Andrew easier.

What has made this loss bearable is knowing my son was a great guy pursuing his dreams. He was kind and funny and smart. He will always be missed. And he is loved by God.

Knowing we are loved and lifted up in prayer by our friends even five years later helps us go on living with joy and peace.

Our many friends who walk this road and show us we are not alone help us know how to walk through grief with grace.

As I read through my posts from that day five years ago, I am overwhelmed by the love and compassion not only of my Heavenly Father, but of so many who stood in the gap for us, came in tears to our home, helped with the memorial service, and ministered to our family in so very many ways.

I am grateful.

The Accident happened on August 12, 2013. We learned of our son’s death early the next morning.

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