Questioning God

For those who are hurting.
For those who are suffering.
For those who are grieving.

For those who are questioning God as they walk through suffering, trials, or grief.

When we ask questions, that is when we get answers.

Please keep asking.
Ask your questions.
Ask all of them.

Cry out to God.
Especially to God.

Ask Him your questions.
Ask God your questions and listen for Him to answer you.

He cares for you. He will answer you. He may answer through other people. He definitely has answers in His Word. Read His Word. Find a good study on the Bible.

Ask Him to show you truth. He will.

If you think your questioning means you are not good enough…well, none of us are.

Not one of us is good enough to make it through life on our own.
Not one of us is good enough for anything but hell.
Not on our own.
Not without help.
Not without God’s help.

This is why Jesus came: We cannot make it without God’s help. We need relationship with God to survive the suffering of earth. And we could not have relationship with God because we are not good enough. Jesus came to make a way for us to have relationship with Him.

God Loved us so much that He came in the form of a man and died on the cross in our place, to pay our debts, to make a way. Not just so we could go to heaven some day, but so we could have a relationship with God our Father here on earth. He came to give us abundant life.

Because of what Jesus did – lived a sinless life, died on the cross, and was raised on the third day – we can cry out to God with our pain and sorrow and questions. He hears us. He knows our hearts. He loves you. He is praying for you right now.

He sent the Holy Spirit to live in you, to guide you, to teach you, and to comfort you.

Father God loves you. He wants you to come to Him and cry out, “ABBA FATHER, I’m hurting and hungry and questioning. Help me!” And He will heal your broken heart, feed your starving soul, and sooth your questioning mind.

All of us have questions as we go through trials and suffering.

Every single one of us.

Many of us had to rethink our theology and questioned what we had believed before the trials. It took time to find answers.

Yes, it takes time.

Time grieving.
Time asking questions and seeking answers.
Time listening.
Time doing the next right thing.

But in time, He will help heal your broken heart, not because you are good enough, but because of His great love for you, demonstrated that day so long ago when His Son died on the cross for your sins and mine.

We must keep questioning.
We must keep asking.
And God will answer.

He will answer. Not always in the way we like. But He does hear us. And He will answer.

Sometimes the answer is, “Trust Me.”

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