His Will Be Done

The past few weeks I’ve wanted vengeance.

I confessed my weaknesses and need for help.

Friends prayed. One rebuked me (in love).

My attitude changed. Not by my will, but, I’m sure, because of friends who love me.

Now I want to be a minister of reconciliation. This is what I wanted at the beginning of this journey. I believe it’s what God wants.

I’m at peace with His will be done.

7 thoughts on “His Will Be Done

  1. Miss Kathleen ~~ I am glad to see some positive is coming out of the bad. His will puts us in places many of us have not expected to be in. I know, that if you had asked me 8 years ago, or any time before that, “Do you think you will ever be a counselor?” I would have said no. But His design on my future … when I prayed that my son’s murder would not be in vain … I did not expect to be counseling others who grieve nor counseling at a prison as my full-time vocation. But here I am. So if I can do it, you can do it. I think you will be great at it.



  2. My son was addicted to drugs and alcohol for years. As long as he had breath in his body I had hope. He purchased “heroin” which turned out to be Fentanyl and he overdosed and died. His dealer was texting him right up until the day we buried him. I was angry and wanted justice, but there was a voice inside me that kept saying, “Be still”. I came to accept my powerlessness in the criminal justice system and that need has left me. Thank you for sharing your faith journey ❤️

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