Dear Musician Friends

Dear Musician friends,

I’ve heard many of you play. I’ve been to your performances. You are very talented.

You must practice often. I know you do. Sometimes you practice for an hour or more each day. Sometimes you practice alone, sometimes with a few other musicians.

Have you considered spending time one day each month playing at an assisted living? Maybe one day each month your practice time could be spent performing for a small audience of older people. Maybe you could play for those who cannot come to your performances. Older folks who love music but don’t get out much any more.

There are hundreds of seniors living in these communities even in a small town like Wichita Falls. Thousands in cities like Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, or Dallas.

The staff of these communities welcome folks to come and play or sing. Most facilities have lovely pianos waiting to be played. Or you can bring your cello, flute, guitar, violin, etc. You could simply sit and play for whomever listens. Soft music. Hymns. Broadway hits. Or oldies they know and may sing along.

Call Brookdale, Elmcroft, Rolling Meadows, Royal Estates, Presbyterian Manor, House of Hope, Texoma Christian Care Center, or Arbor House. Google “Assisted Living near me” to find facilities in your community. Ask to speak to their Executive Director or Activities Director.

Explain that you are a musician and would like to come play for an hour. Nothing fancy. Just you and your instrument. Or maybe you and a few friends and your instruments. Have a list of dates and times you are available. (2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon is a great time as it rarely interferes with meals and other activities.)

Some have weekly hymn singings or music happy hour. Others schedule performances when volunteers are available. Are you willing to be available?

These people love musicians. They love music. They love art. And they love visitors.

Thank you for sharing your music.


Someone whose loved one lives in an Assisted Living and who loves music


6 thoughts on “Dear Musician Friends

  1. I worked in a nursing home for a year as a social work intern. When they discovered I can play the piano, they wouldn’t leave me alone. “Please play something for us!” And they do love the old hymns, which I can play with ease because I grew up singing them and playing them for church.

    It’s a great idea, Kathleen. Music often speaks to an Alzheimers patient, for instance, when nothing else gets through.

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  2. I’ve shared music on a monthly basis at nursing homes and assisted living centers for the past ten years. No activity director has ever turned me down when I’ve asked to share. Most importantly, the residents seem to enjoy themselves. This is a win-win for both performers and audiences.

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