Choosing to Trust, Even in the Valley

So. Yesterday I was reading Numbers. Aaron, Moses’s brother, climbed a mountain and died. I’m sure this is a sign that we should never climb mountains. Or even small hills. Just to be safe.

(Just a bit of humor for your day.)

Seriously, though. This got me to thinking.

Others often believe if they understand how our child died, they can do something to prevent their child from dying.

Most of us did the right things: we prayed, we taught them right from wrong, we took them for checkups, we made them wear seatbelts and bike helmets. Yet our children died. Nothing we did prevented their death.

We may never understand the WHY. We may never even know the HOW.

But we can know that God loves us. And He loves our children. We can trust Him, even as we walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Today I am choosing to trust Him as I do the next right thing.

6 thoughts on “Choosing to Trust, Even in the Valley

  1. Amen! And I think I needed this today! This coming Monday, the 25th, would have been our son’s 30th birthday, Instead, he is forever 25, and I’ve just been struggling with the “why” again lately. Thank you for the reminder to trust the One who loves me, my family and our son in heaven more than I can ever grasp.

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