I Am Not Ashamed of My Body

For the record…

I am not ashamed of my body.

I am modest, not ashamed.

Because of modesty, I wear shirts and sweaters that don’t show cleavage and aren’t tight. My shorts are not very short. I don’t wear tight pants or short, short skirts. I wear one-piece bathing suits. I don’t wear tight leggings as pants. You’ll rarely see me in public wearing yoga pants (unless I’m on my way home from a workout.)

I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my stretch marks, cellulite, scars, or extra weight. I have experienced many things during my life including seven pregnancies, bike wrecks, and a few surgeries which led to the body I have today. I’m proud of who I am and how I look – gray hair, wrinkles, and all.

I am physically and visually available to my husband. He loves my body. I love that he loves my body. He is available to me. I love his body. He loves that I love his body.

I am not physically or visually available for anyone else. I am his alone. He is mine.

I will not stand in the middle of the sidewalk wearing only shorts, a sports bra, and blindfold. I will not write words on my body with markers nor allow others to do so. My refusal to do so does not prove I am ashamed of my body.

I’m not judging those who deal with poor body image. Nor am I judging those who do literally take a stand on the sidewalk. How they deal with their issues is not my business. I am sorry so many experience body shaming. They will not ever be shamed by me.

And I hope that others will not shame me for my modesty.

5 thoughts on “I Am Not Ashamed of My Body

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  2. I am not ashamed of being modest. I’m with you all the way. My body belongs to God, to Terry, and to me. I do not choose to follow fads that reveal things that should stay private. If anyone makes fun of me, I am unaware of it. And it wouldn’t change me anyway 🙂

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  3. I confess, I deliberately stay out of the loop when it comes to the latest worldly trends. Standing half-naked in the middle of a sidewalk while blindfolded?! The Bible tells me who I am: a sinner saved by God’s grace through Christ. My physical body isn’t going to last forever anyway. I DO try to take care of myself, however. I’m running a half marathon in two weeks!

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