Monday Morning Musings

My thoughts this morning.

I just spent three days surrounded by 400 women who all profess Christ. Not once did I hear anyone say anything ugly about liberals, gays, or nonChristians. Not once. And I spent a bunch of time listening to conversations around me.

As I scroll through my news feed for the first time is a few days I noticed that many of my more liberal friends have posted f-you memes demeaning conservatives or Christians. I see posts talking about “hateful religious people” by my friends who choose to not follow a religion. I see ugly, hateful posts regarding those who don’t agree with same sex marriage.

I don’t post ugly hateful things about lgbtq people. I have friends who are straight, gay, bi, trans, lesbian. Many of my friends and I have never discussed their sexuality. I love them regardless of their gender.

I don’t post ugly things about other faiths. I have friend who are Catholic, Jewish, pagan, Protestant, agnostic, and atheist. Many of my friends and I have never discussed our religious beliefs. I love them regardless of their religion or lack of religion.

I don’t post hateful things about other political groups. I have friends who are democrat, Green Party, republican, independent, libertarian. Many of my friends and I have never discussed politics. I love them regardless of their political views.

I wonder … Do my friends think I’m a hateful religious person? When they post f-you memes, are they directing them towards me? Are these posts really how they feel about me? Because I fit in the categories they are railing against?

Or do they even think about me and their other friends when they post such ugly things?

Perhaps we would be better off if we took time away from posting ugly things and, instead, sat down for a cup of tea and a nice conversation.

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings

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  2. I see this happen all the time, and it’s one reason why I’m not on the regular social media sites anymore. I just can’t read such hateful messages any longer. It kills my spirit and causes me to lose hope.

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  3. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    It seems to me that those on the Left who insist on tolerance and inclusion should be turning the spotlight back on themselves. So much hatred, anger, and spite. I truly fear that we are headed for another Civil War, largely because of our incivility.

    God can change the tide, but only if we humble ourselves and beg forgiveness and healing in our land.

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