The past eighteen months have been hard for me. Hard physically. Hard mentally. Hard emotionally. Hard on my marriage.

Yet never once did my husband give up on me.

He’s always there. Always. During good times and hard times.

He doesn’t have to be there; he chooses to be there. Because he chooses to love me. Even when it’s hard.

This morning I arrived at my husband’s workplace for a meeting. He met me at the building’s front door with a beautiful, joy-filled smile on his face. I asked why he was smiling.

“I’m glad to see you,” was his answer. I guess I looked like I didn’t believe him. A moment later he sweetly added, “I think I need to smile at you more often.”

I thought, “Yes. Yes, you do. I’d like that. I need that.”

I also realized I need to smile at him more often. Even when life is hard.

After 36 years of marriage it’s easy to take each other for granted. It’s easy to stop smiling, to stop being excited to see each other. But to keep a strong marriage we must keep working at it and keep choosing to smile at each other.

I need to appreciate his presence in my life. His stability. His consistency. His strength.

I’m grateful for this man in my life. I will smile at him more. I will. He needs that. He deserves that.

8 thoughts on “Smile

  1. “God is not unjust;He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them”. Hebrews 6:10.

    I suspect your earthly father is also smiling, knowing all you’ve done (and continue to do) as an advocate for others.


  2. OOOHHH Miss Kathleen!
    What a beautiful note. What a great reminder. Smiling more is so important. Thank you for this lovely post, and for the reminder that I need to spend more time smiling; let alone showing my appreciation for those who still stand with me.

    Lord, thank you for this couple and this lady, this mum, who you brought into my life, albeit in the way you saw fit, so inspiration could be felt by me. Amen


  3. Kathleen, I’m sorry you’ve been having such a hard time. And I understand exactly what you’re saying about your husband. My Terry is the same. Fifty years of faithfulness and commitment. What a blessing!


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