I had a wonderful day with E!

After fighting for a year to get family to let her live near me, she moved here in July. The transfer was hard at first. New apartment, new town, new staff, new friends, new routine. Then she broke her arm. The move is what she wanted, but it hasn’t been easy.

We’ve been trying to do little things – an outing here, some shopping there – to help her get more comfortable in her new hometown. She’s settling in and adjusting. She’s made a few friends at the Assisted Living and loves being near me and a couple of grandkids.

The transition hasn’t been as smooth as we’d hoped, but…

Today was wonderful!

We ran errands – post office, bank, and the tailor. We had lunch at our favorite place Ronnie’s Burgers. We made two trips to Hobby Lobby for fall items. All 80% off! Then we decorated the dining room and set the table for lunch tomorrow.

I used my old placemats and napkins. The silver charger plates I bought on sale years ago. I hoped to get a few fun decor items to freshen things up. So we went shopping for bargains.

We found the center piece and burlap runner on the first trip to Hobby Lobby. But the table still needed something. 🤔🤔

We ran back to Hobby Lobby in search of napkin rings. E saw some with very tacky greenery, but they also had burlap and pine cones. E was sure if we cut the greenery off they’d be perfect. She was right.

Table runner – $1.20

Center Piece – $12.00

Napkin rings – $8.00

Spending the day shopping, laughing, and decorating like we used to – PRICELESS

I am thankful.

May you all have very happy Thanksgiving.

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