Be Present

“Be present.” “Be in the moment.”

We’ve heard these phrases. As in “learn to be present with those around you instead of on your device” and “be in the moment without regrets of yesterday or fear of tomorrow.”

Dealing with a person who has dementia has made this so clear to me! Be present! Enjoy the moment. Pay attention to those with whom you are spending time. Don’t dwell on the past. Enjoy now, this time…today.

She doesn’t remember the activities of last week. But in those moments – on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – she was happy. She enjoyed seeing kids and grandkids. She loved the music and lights and food and presents. She loved and felt loved.

She is always in the moment because she cannot remember yesterday and has no concept of time to measure coming days.

My job is to also be in the moment. To be present with her. And to make sure she feels loved.

3 thoughts on “Be Present

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