It’s What Adults Do

I failed as a parent of an adult the other night.

My adult kid (who lives in another state) called me very late that night. Things had gone badly for them that day. They needed me to listen. I did…for a while. Then I mentioned a couple of things they had done wrong and offered advice. I may have been right, but my timing was definitely way off. This adult offspring yelled at me. The conversation ended. I didn’t sleep for hours.

The next day they took responsibility for their part and apologized. I did the same. We forgave each other. My kid acknowledged my advice was helpful. I acknowledged my advice could have waited until a better time.

⬆️⬆️⬆️ This is what adults do!

In an adult to adult relationship, both parties will mess up and possibly hurt the other person at one time or another, often without intending to do so. An adult takes responsibility for pain they cause others. And an adult makes amends – admit their wrong, correct the wrong when they can, and ask forgiveness.

I’m glad to have ADULT children who know how to adult well.


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