Twelve Things I’m Grateful for on the 12th of March 2020

Looking back at my Twelve Things posts, I noticed my husband is often included. We’ve been married more than 36 years, so he plays a huge roll in my life. Yep, he’s here again. But he’s doesn’t top the list. 😁

Things I’m grateful for today include:

1. My new puppy! Molly. I’m grateful for her most of the time. I’m not so grateful for the little puppy poop she still leaves in the house. Or bites from those razor-sharp teeth! But who could get mad at that pug face??

Molly the Pug

2. A man who loves dogs. We lost our two pups Lyla and Lady summer before last. It was sad to lose two so close together. Since then, Ron has insisted that I could get a new dog “but I’m not going to like it!” Right.

Ron. Not liking my new dog.

3. Peace in the middle of hard things. We recently received a medical diagnosis that was hard to hear. (I say “we” because this kind of thing affects both partners.) This disease is manageable, but still hard. If managed properly, long life can be expected, but we will have to make some changes. This news might have been devastating, but we have peace even as we struggled to accept our newest normal.

4. We are both active and eat (mostly) a healthy diet. The needed changes to our diets won’t be radical nor are we starting from scratch on an exercise routine. As you may have read in this blog, we are fairly active for a couple who qualifies for AARP membership.

5. Frequent flyer miles! I’m typing this while sitting in a hotel in Salt Lake City waiting for Ron to finish a business meeting. We came to Utah for the weekend to visit our youngest who lives here. Thanks to the miles I’ve racked up traveling we Ron for business, my plane ticket was FREE!

6. The sweet couple our daughter was house-sitting for this past week. The were kind enough to offer us a guest room which allowed us more hang time with our daughter. And we didn’t have to pay for three nights in a hotel! (We stayed the last night in a hotel near Ron’s business appointment.)

Tubing with our daughter (who doesn’t want to be in my blog 😊)

7. Fun with our kids. We spent Friday in Park City eating, wandering, and tubing with our youngest. This weekend we’ve eaten in fun local restaurants, watched two fun movies – Onward & Emma – went to church in downtown SLC, and met some of our daughter’s friends. It’s been a fun few days.

Me and my honey bear in Park City, Utah

8. New jobs. Our youngest started a new job this week working for a nonprofit that helps abused women and children. They also work in schools to help prevent bullying and abuse. Please pray for her as new jobs are always a bit stressful.

9. Consignment shops. Her new job requires a more professional wardrobe. We found her some nice tops at a local consignment shop. One still has the original tags on! Friends gave her a few pieces they no longer need, so she’s all set. For the first week or two anyway.

10. Julie. Julie lived in the same house for 40 years with no flood issues. But when hurricane Harvey hit a few years ago, her home flooded. Last September it flooded again when a tropical storm hit. She decided it was time to leave. Two floods are two too many. She planned to move to our town to be near her kids (who happen to be our friends). Julie can’t live with them because they have foster kids. (Only those licensed can live with foster kids). Thus, Julie lives with us! We met her the day she moved in. She’s delightful! Plus, she loves my Miss Molly. I’m grateful she is there to take care of Molly while we visited our daughter. I’m just hoping Julie has gotten Molly trained to poop outside!

11. Julie’s artistic talent. This chair was stained a very dark brown. It had no seat and was in bad shape. It had been in my garage for about ten years. I loved the shape of the legs but didn’t know how to refinish it. Julie made it beautiful. Then she surprised me with as a thank you for letting her live here. I love it!!

12. Warm weather. We arrived home late last night. Today is a beautiful day! I spent they morning with four ladies studying Kinsman Redeemer, visited E, then worked in my flower beds. The sunshine and warm air felt so very good! I’m reminded that even in the cold of winter I can be sure spring is coming.


The Accident happened on August 12, 2013. Because of the late time and remote location, they were declared dead 8/13/13. The first ten months I found myself depressed in the days leading up to the 12th. Then, in the eleventh month July of 2014, I decided to choose gratitude. I wrote my first list of Twelve Things I’m Grateful for on the 12th.

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