I can’t go in to see E; all long-term care facilities are on lockdown. Only medically necessary visits allowed.

I can’t visit her, but I can brighten her day.

A local grocer had large bunches of flowers for $5. They were half price 3-7 pm on Friday. I bought six bunches.

A friend and I gathered a few dozen small vases. We washed them in hot, soapy water.

Then we took everything to E’s assisted living.

Tomorrow they are going to let 2-3 residents at a time come to the dining room to make a floral arrangement. The arrangements will be taken to the residents who never leave their rooms. Some arrangements will be placed around the common areas.

Next week I’ll try to find more small vases. And I’ll get more flowers.

Please note: I called the Activities Director first to get permission. Staff met me at the door to get supplies since I cannot enter the facility.

Caregivers/staff plan to collect the vases once the flowers die. They will wash the vases in the kitchen dishwasher then reuse them.

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