Pandemic Haikus

From Marriam-Webster

A friend suggested we write Pandemic Haikus.

Here is mine:

Covid. Stuck at home.
Wild flowers. Beautiful.
Even so, rejoice.

Here are few from friends:

By Angie

And now there is time/
To read books piled high for years/ Nested in pillows


By Rachel

coffee on the porch
birds singing from the treetops
life’s not all that bad


By Lissie

Pandemic still looms
No need to worry about it
God is in control


By Jean (who doesn’t share her brownies but did bring me snickerdoodles)

Emotional whiplash
both grateful and scared today
solace in brownies


By Marcia (who lost her this week)

Mom longed to go home
God heard the cries of her heart
She is with Him now


By Heather

At the store for food.
I see my friend. Say hello.
I cannot hug her.


By James, an Air Force Pilot.

Fresh shirt yesterday
I put on new pants today
Tomorrow? We’ll see…


By Mark (who has family working in NYC hospitals)

Just me and my love.
Retired, isolated.
Second honeymoon.


By Mary Grace, a college student

“Online Classes”

Faces on a screen.
Solace from the long silence.
Alone, together.


By Betty
Predictions were wrong.
Could it be that God answered
Prayers for protection?


Please, share your Pandemic Haiku in the comments. You have time!

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