Surviving Sorrow

In the past twenty-four hours I’ve received calls from two friends who wanted to talk about how to love a grieving mom. One has a friend who lost her unborn baby last week. The other is loving a mom who’s son took his own life over the weekend.

It’s not unusual for us who’ve experienced the death of a child to receive such calls. Folks think we now know what to say or do you comfort a bereaved mom.

I’m glad I have extra copies of this book available to share. It is full of biblical truth about death, heaven, grief, and God’s love. It is also full of practical ideas for how to survive grief. I will continue to give it to newly bereaved moms whenever I have a chance. And I will continue to recommend it as a resource for others.

I know the author Kim Erickson. She’s the real deal. Her words are full of grace and gentleness.

Here’s a link to Amazon if you want to get a copy for yourself. And maybe get a few extras to have on hand for the next time you get one of those calls. 💙💙

One thought on “Surviving Sorrow

  1. On your recommendation, as soon as it was available, I purchased the book for a mom who lost her young daughter to illness just last year. She graciously and, I believe, thankfully accepted it. Has she read it? I don’t know but I am glad she has the option to.

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