Grief Brain

Grief Brain.

It’s real.

Here’s my story.

About ten months after The Accident, Ron and I were traveling and scheduled a night in Hot Springs. We planned to go to the While We’re Waiting Support Group Meeting. We live six hours away in Texas. This was Ron’s first time. I’d driven over for a prior meeting.

That afternoon we got to town, checked into our hotel and changed clothes to go out. We shopped in a few fun stores then grabbed an early dinner before the meeting.

We arrived at the WWW meeting and found a couple of chairs. We introduced ourselves to a few other bereaved parents. Brad prayed. Jill explained how the meeting would go.

Then I looked down.

I saw my shoes.

Oh NO!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!

I had been to lots of places like this!!! We’d gone shopping!! And to dinner!!They are completely different! One open toe. One closed toe. They are different heights! I had buckled them both on! One around the ankle; the other behind the heel. And I hadn’t noticed they were completely different!!! Two very different shoes!!

Everyone laughed! Jill took a picture.

Hey, at least my toes looked good!

Larry Brown said, “I bet you have another pair at home just like those!”

Janice Brown, Jill, and I still laugh about this great photo. I’m so glad we can laugh together as we grieve together.

Yes, grief brain is real. We will make mistakes. We will forget things. It’s ok. Be patient with yourself. Be gracious. It gets better.

Seven years since The Accident. My shoes match today.

6 thoughts on “Grief Brain

  1. You may have started a new fashion trend! And you really gave me the giggles. Thanks for sharing your mis-match faux pas. I had a really forgetful day on Friday. A REALLY forgetful day. Having just lost my sweet mom to Alzheimer’s, my brain went into overdrive with the what-ifs. Thank you for reminding me this is also a part of the grieving process.

    Hugs, Cindie

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