Wrong Car. Right Guy

It’s been seven years since Andrew died. Seven years of grief and grace. Seven years of living without one of my kids, without seeing him finish school, follow his dreams, dance, or smile.

Today I am grateful for fun stories shared by his friends.

One of Andrew’s friends, Sarah, sent me this note just a month after The Accident. They were in Texas together for two summers. This note made me laugh and cry. I’ve remained friends with Sarah and asked her permission to share. I hope this gives you a glimpse into how great my son was.


He touched so many lives, I was so glad to have known him. I’m praying for your family everyday. Just a little memory I was reminded of the other day.

The first time I met Andrew was day 2 of the crazy long rehearsals [for Texas 2012]. We were so tired and we had started basic stuff but hadn’t been given partners yet.

It was about 11pm and I was walking to my car in the [West Texas A&M] parking lot. I put the key in my door and sat down. I realized that all my stuff in my car was gone..steering wheel cover, water jug, name tags, all gone.

I started freaking out and called my grandmother to tell her my car had been broken in to.

Andrew comes up to me, and goes “Why are you in my car?”

We both had the exact same color 96/97 honda accord and for some reason, my car key fit into his door. I felt so stupid and embarrased, but we were all so tired.

The next day I was partnered up with him for the party scene. When he walked up to me after our names were called he goes, “Guess we don’t really have to get to know each other, I mean, I already know you’re crazy,” and winked at me.

I had completely forgotten about that story until Tim reminded me of it the other day, but it was so like Andrew. To take a person’s embarrassing or not so great thing about their self-esteem and make them laugh or feel good about it.

Your son was amazing, thank you for sharing him with the Texas family!


If you’d like to see a video of Andrew and Sarah dancing together click here. It’s a sweet dance. They performed it for a cast talent show in August 2012. Sarah injured her knee, so the day before the show they had to redo much of choreography. I love seeing him dance! We played this video at the end of his memorial service. ❤️

Here are a few pictures of Andrew in Texas.

The Accident happened on August 12, 2013. Because of the late time and remote location, they were declared dead 8/13/13. The first ten months I found myself depressed in the days leading up to the 12th. Then, in the eleventh month July of 2014, I decided to choose gratitude. I wrote my first list of “Twelve Things I’m Grateful for on the 12th” that week. I’ve continued to make Gratitude Lists, though I don’t always share them.

6 thoughts on “Wrong Car. Right Guy

  1. Kathleen, my heart is.moved to tears by this sweet young lady’s note to you. Thank you for sharing this thing which I am sure you treasure in your heart. I watched the dance. How precious, and how good of our Lord to orchestrate things so that the precious dance was video-recorded. ((Hugs)) Cindie

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    • I love the video!

      I was there to watch the dance but didn’t know they’d videoed it until about a week before The Accident. I’m not sure how I found out! But I was so glad I did. To have it to show at the memorial service was precious. What a great way to end the celebration.

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