Record Keeping

Record Keeping

Are you caring for a loved one?

Do you struggle with all the paperwork for your LO? I use a heavy-duty 2” binder. I start a new binder each year.

All receipts, bills, Medicare & SS forms, etc go into the notebook. Everything is filed by date within sections.

Here are the dividers/sections I have for this year:

Bills Pending – unpaid or disputed bills. With notes why they aren’t paid, record of who I spoke with if calls made, etc.

Bills Paid – in order I paid them. Each bill has the date paid and method.
Example: 2/8/21 Ck# 2087 (this is by far my thickest section.)

Bank Statements – my person gets one consolidated statement. If your person has many accounts, you’ll need a divider for each account. In the front of this section is a sheet with her account numbers, my contact at the bank, online banking ID and password.

Medicare – any correspondence from Medicare including monthly statements. A copy of her Medicare card along with contact info (website, phone, etc) are in the front of this section.

Social Security – included the annual form explaining how much she gets each month and a copy of my annual Designated Payee Report. Copy of her card is in the front of this section.

Blue Cross – this is my person’s supplemental provider. All explanations of benefits (monthly reports) go here along with any notices regarding premium changes. In the front of this section I have a copy of her card (front and back) along with the phone number and address for their customer service.

Cigna – my person’s Part D provider. Same stuff as Blue Cross

Assisted Living – copies of Care Plan, notices of fee changes, any letters I sent or received regarding care or complaints. List of main contacts – executive director, director of nursing, etc.

Home Health – copy of contract. Contact list for our nurse, PT, etc. Any correspondence related to fee changes, care plan changes, complaints,etc

Court Documents – as a court-appointed conservator and guardian, I have to file annual reports with the court. Copies go here.

Taxes – annual tax return, any property tax notices, etc.

My reporting year for the court begins June 1, so my notebook is June-May. If you don’t report to a court, keep yours simple and go January to December.

As you can see, this notebook has sensitive information in it. I keep it in a locked filing cabinet.

I hope this is helpful for some of you.


Don’t skimp on the notebook! Get a quality heavy-duty D-ring binder.

Keep a 3-Hole punch handy.

Tape small receipts to a blanket piece of printer paper. Write the date and what you bought on the paper before inserting it into the binder. (See the example in the photos.)

I use Quicken to track all expenses and income. The notebook is for keeping all the paper records organized.


4 thoughts on “Record Keeping

  1. Kandie, Since or Because you have a large mailing list at hand please tell them to have all the pertinent info at hand of the person they are caring for well before the person cannot use or remember them at all. I just had a very good friend of Mine who lives in Houston….well, he had a sudden heart attack. And Bam! All the info was gone. His son has been looking for his car papers, wondering what is in his safety deposit Box and how to get in it, what his computer pass word is in order to be in contact with his friends. Also credit card info. Just any and everything that the person knows now would be a help. Just write the info down, Put the paper in a spot that can be found in an emergency. All that would save a lot of heartache. Make living easier all the way around…

    Love to you, Mama Lane


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  2. Kathleen, I love this idea, so am re-sharing it via my barefootlilylady Facebook page. I did something similar, but having it in a binder makes it so much easier to flip through to find what you want to reference. If I were doing it over again, I would probably use a combination of the binder and a file-box. The current year (or two) would be in the binder. At year’s end, I would move the oldest of each section of the binder into a file box with identical tabs, keeping them in the same order.

    Thanks for the EXCELLENT post!

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