Valuable Things

Ron is off social media for a while, but I want to brag on him.

Wednesday he called and asked me to schedule a sitter for Friday evening so we could go out with friends. (I have to schedule such things with the agency else he would have called.)

Thursday evening he listened while I spewed the ugly thoughts and feelings in my head all over him. Without responding in kind.

Friday morning, when I asked, he forgave me for spewing stuff that should not have been spewed.

Friday afternoon he took vacation time to study for his Saturday morning Bible study so he could be fully present Friday evening.

While home, he made a list on his phone of some of the things I had said were bothering me Thursday evening. Without my prompting. And he began working on them. Again, without prompting. (I walked by and saw what he was typing on his phone; he didn’t tell me about it.)

Friday evening, after dinner with friends, he took me to Home Depot to look at under sink pull-out drawers.

Saturday morning he cleaned under the kitchen sink to prep the stained and water damaged base for painting. He’s going to install a plastic liner before mounting two new pull-out drawers.

Saturday afternoon he is planned to check the bike I have not ridden in two years. Instead he spent hours working on a broken water heater.

Nope. No special occasion. No flowers. No diamonds. No chocolates.

But things more valuable to me during an ordinary week: making time for me; understanding I need a break and wanting to take that break with me; forgiveness when I’m ugly and not lovable; good food with friends; works of service fixing a small thing no one else sees but which has bothered me for a long time; and doing what he can to make it a little bit easier for me to do self care.

Yup. He loves me.

4 thoughts on “Valuable Things

  1. I love this. I tend to stew instead of spew. Neither communication technique is very profitable. My hubby is making a grand effort to be more proactive about tending to the projects that need completing and the things that need fixed too. Like you, these gestures on his part speak love to me and mean more to me than any flowers or chocolate (although I wouldn’t turn either of those down, especially if the flowers can be planted in the ground in my garden).

    Have a great week, Kathleen!

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