Vegetarian Is More Than “No Meat”

Vegetarian does not just mean “take away the meat.” It seems the cook at the Assisted Living did not understand this…or didn’t care. A sweet woman named Bobbie lives at the same Assisted Living my mom lives. They are great friends. They work puzzles and attend church together. They eat together. They can be seen…

Not All Who Wander Need Memory Care

A man named John lives at the Assisted Living where my mom lives. He has dementia. I’d been told he is moving soon to a smaller group home. The AL says John has started to “wander” a bit, and they were saying he has to go to memory care. I’m not sure that what he’s doing is wandering, neither is his family.

Yesterday John was on the sidewalk again. Here is how I helped to gently coax him back inside.

I Seek Truth

Second book I started this week. This one is written by my friend Terry Squires. Ninety short devotionals, written in first person. They will cause you to pause and consider the God we serve. If you are looking for a new book to read through the summer, this is it. You will be encouraged. I…

Launch Team – Unexplainable Jesus

I joined a new Launch Team. I am working through an eight week study of Luke written by Erica Wiggenhorn. I’ll be posting about the study in the next few weeks. You can preorder the book at your local bookstore. Just ask them for Unexplainable Jesus. It’s due out later this month.

Romans Study on Our Porch

We are studying Romans chapters 6-8. This is a coed group of adults. All over age 45. You might not know that by last night’s discussion. Normally we have great discussions. Everyone does their homework and we all participate in discussion. Ron Duncan is a great leader: he asks open-ended questions, uses the leaders guide,…

“Dementia With Grace”

Dementia With Grace, by Vicky Noland Fitch This short (I read it in a day) and helpful book is a must read for caregivers of dementia patients. Whether you are a professional or family caregiver you will find tips on dealing with aspects of the disease and how to make life better for yourself and…

David Glen

Mid-October 1987 Ron told me I was pregnant. I was sure he was wrong. So sure that I refused to take time to go get tested. (No, I hadn’t learned true submission yet. Plus I had accounting tests to study for. And I was late for work.) Ron was so sure I was pregnant that…

Grateful for Grief

I wrote this to a friend earlier today. He was my son’s friend. He is now my friend. And he’s grieving the loss of yet another friend. I thought I’d share it with you. Are you grateful for the grief and trials in your life? If so, why? Please share in the comments.