“God’s Healing in Grief”

An inductive Bible Study published by Precept Ministries International.

Have you lost a loved one? The pain and grief run deep, and you wonder how you’re ever going to make it. Everywhere you go, and everything you see, is a constant reminder that your life will never be the same. You feel broken, helpless, and you’ve lost hope.

You have no joy, you have no peace, and you’d rather just go away and hide and you’re not sure where to run.

You need healing for your heart and healing in your grief.

Ron and Kathleen Duncan understand the horrendous heartache of losing a son. In the wee hours of the morning, the Duncan’s heard the knock at the door, and received the chilling news from a police officer that their 20-year-old son Andrew had been killed in a car wreck.

The shocking news brought about shattered dreams, and sad, sobering times were ahead for the Duncan family. They have walked through their sadness, and believe it was only God and the study of His Word that brought them healing.

It’s now the Duncans’ mission to help you! In Ron and Kathleen’s book, God’s Healing in Grief, you will learn how only God can truly heal a broken heart. He has promised to comfort those who mourn. 2 Corinthians 1:3 tells us He is the God of all comfort.

God’s Healing in Grief can help you answer the difficult questions you maybe be asking:

  • What “comfort” can we expect from the Lord and how do we get it?
  • How can I possibly find joy and peace when my child, spouse, or parent is dead?
  • How can we truly heal when nothing can go back to “the way it was” before they died?
  • Why did she die? Why are others healed from the same sickness?
  • I feel sad all the time; am I sinning?
  • I’m angry at the one who was at fault. What do I do now?
  • Is my loved one okay? Is she in heaven?
  • Did my loved one become an angel? Does he watch over me now?

This 18-lesson study contains Bible study activities to help you learn Truth straight from the Bible. It’s designed for you to find healing by studying for yourself what Scripture says about these important topics. The lessons learned in this study will help gently bring you to a place, not of false comfort found in trite platitudes, but to the solid foundation of Christ and the true comfort found only in God and His Word.

The companion journal My Journal of God’s Healing in Grief is designed to work with the book and help you express your feelings and what you’ve learned through your own grief journey.

You do have a place to run; run to God and His Word!

 My Journey through Grief into Grace

Print Edition ISBN-13: 978-1516976638
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Kindle Ebook Edition here

“The Accident killed her son and four of his friends. Her life was changed forever that day.

Kathleen began to write about her grief. She wrote about her Journey through Grief into Grace. Her posts were honest and raw. Here is her story. Her story of how faith in a living, loving God helped her heal after the death of her son.

Written in a diary format, “My Journey through Grace into Grace” gives readers insight into the emotional ups and downs of grief after the death of a child. It will also give you hope that healing, even after such a tragedy, is available for all.”

From a Reader:

This read does not boast of a “Silver lining” or a “resolution “theme. Rather, it is real, it is raw, and it depicts the heart of a grieving mother following the death of her 20-year-old son Andrew. August 12, 2013 will be a date never forgotten. Her answer to a police officer at 5:45 AM would reveal his death the previous night incurred by a speeding 18 wheeler that would kill five of six people from the 2013 musical Texas. Blog pages that fallow would be turned into this book following suggestions of friends. “The following pages contain my posts, thoughts, and essays just as I wrote them… My prayer is that my words honor my family, glorify my Lord, and help those who are grieving begin to heal. I pray also that my words help those who love those who grieve.”

As a reader absorbs Kathleen Duncan’s chronological posts they will gain the feel of the grieving process a parent goes through and how God’s mercy intervenes. Frequent, uncontrollable tears will pour out initially and the first year without Andrew on the holidays are described. “I am so wishing Andrew was on his way home for Thanksgiving today… Many Americans are thinking less than two weeks until Christmas! I am sitting here thinking, he would’ve been 21 in 12 days… We hosted our annual Christmas Eve Open House. I was able to hold it together until after folks left. I sobbed myself to sleep. ” so frequently drawing on the strength of God’s word, and knowing He is good and able, here is a reflection after six months. “I don’t want to do lunch or chat on the phone with friends. I want to be at home – peaceful and quiet. Today started as a time to cry kind of day. But counting blessings turned it to a work and clean kind of day.”

To help reduce the sting of the 12th day of each month she would begin making a list of at least a dozen things she is grateful for. The realities of pain and suffering or inescapable. One year following – “The pictures of Andrew’s friends heading back to class… I choose to stay off Facebook today, the first day back to school. ” Yet, through her pain she extends comfort to others going through the grieving process. “There is only one healthy way to deal with our issues during our grief: we must continue to trust in our Creator and our Savior. We must ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance and comfort. We must continue to walk a path of faith and grace. ”

As I traced her life two years following Andrew’s death many helpful strategies were provided along the way including the following:
– [Many] parents honest and vulnerable wishes
– What parents with a baby in heaven want you to know(but may not say)
– Scriptures to pray for your grieving friends
– What not to say to a grieving family
– What teen siblings need in their time of grief
– Tools to use if fear, anxiety and/or panic attacks develop

Discover what exactly recovery will mean. Never a recovery back to normal. Acceptance and mourning taking on new dimensions. I feel every adult should read this book to better understand the “do’s” and “don’ts” when dealing with those in grief. It is a resource full book far greater than psychology books on death and dying. Duncan’s heart did not lie and offer the best strategies around. I salute her bravery and honesty and know this work will benefit many.

From a Pastor in Virginia

“I have read many books on the subject of family loss in the [many] years I’ve been in the ministry, but I don’t believe I am stretching at all to say this is by far the best, most honest and most comprehensible sharing of this critical moment in too many lives … since I have been reading ( the last week) I have either referred to or loosely quoted the book almost daily. The Lord’s timing is phenomenal – the day before the chapter on Parents losing a child, one of my employees lost a baby prematurely. Not only that but having lost a grandson in like manner we were able to relate so much in your wise info and directives. In a lot of words I’m saying – thank you for being open, honest and yet so faithful to share the message of our Loving, Kind and Precious Lord!”

From a reader in Texas:

Kathleen gives you an honest glimpse of her journey after the death of her son. She speaks to all of us…those who have lost a child and those who have not. She chose not to wallow in sorrow, but to speak truth, give comfort, and care for others that are hurting. You will laugh and cry your way through this book as you find hope, life and love.

From a reader in Illinois:

Kathleen Duncan’s journal chronicles a mother’s grief one day at a time. Her account unveils the mind and heart of a grieving parent. Clinging to her strong Christian faith she illustrates an undeniable reality—grief is unpredictable. But when everything else in life seems to be changing, we can rely on our unchanging God. A great read for anyone trying to understand the changed life of a grieving parent.

  “What Bereaved Parents Want You Know

Print Edition ISBN-13: 978-1517528591
Purchase on or

Kindle Ebook edition here

“When a parent loses a child, friends and family want to help. Rarely, however, do we know what to do.

In this short book, Kathleen Duncan shares some of what she learned after the death of her own twenty year old son in a car wreck. Andrew and four friends were killed in August 2013 as they drove back from a day-long cast party north of Dumas, Texas.

The information in this book is helpful for those who are just beginning their own grief journey as well as those who are farther along this path which no one wants to walk. The information will also help those who are trying to love grieving parents.”

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  10. Kathleen gives you an honest glimpse of her journey after the death of her son. She speaks to all of us…those who have lost a child and those who have not. She chose not to wallow in sorrow, but to speak truth, give comfort, and care for others that are hurting. You will laugh and cry your way through this book as you find hope, life and love.

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