Traveling Haikus

Here are the last of my haikus…for now. Alone with my love Niagara Falls is cold Love keeps our hearts warm Sun. Blue skies. Clouds. Cold. Waterfalls in Canada. Glorious. Alive! Traveling with Ron Always a great adventure  I am glad I came

The Dress

I’m not sure how I found Beauty Beyond Bones, but I am very glad I did! The author writes about her recovery journey involving anorexia. But this blog is really about so much more!  It is about life…and Jesus…and overcoming challenges everyone of us faces every single day! She shares her challenges in a way…

February Favorites #5: My family

I have an amazing family! Summer of 2014, I shared pictures we’d had taken in May. Since then, Lucy Marie has joined the family. The photo shoot was not easy. It was the first time we’d all been together since the week of The Accident. Meredith had just given birth a few weeks earlier and…


Yes, it’s Nutcracker season again. Nutcracker. The last ballet we all attended and watched together. 2012. The next year Andrew was no longer on earth. I wrote this poem as I sat one night thinking of him dancing before the throne of God. I hope you enjoy reading it and imagining what Heaven will be…

ARD Tree

A friend of Andrew puts up a tree in his honor each year. It is the first tree he puts up. Everything on it symbolizes something in my son’s life. I love this young man for remembering my son.