Disappointment Is a Wonderful Feeling

Something unusual happened today. We’ve been married 36 years. That’s a long time. We are getting older. We’ve spent lots of time together. It’s easy to get used to things, to get used to each other. Ron comes home for lunch a couple of times each week. I don’t know when he’s coming or what…

Our Seventh Thanksgiving

Our seventh Thanksgiving without Andrew. I miss him. I still have days when the grief takes my breath away. But those days are rare and far between. The missing is more of a dull ache than searing pain. His name is mentioned. His siblings remember. His friends remember. We remember. But even if no one…

Monday Morning Musings

My thoughts this morning. I just spent three days surrounded by 400 women who all profess Christ. Not once did I hear anyone say anything ugly about liberals, gays, or nonChristians. Not once. And I spent a bunch of time listening to conversations around me. As I scroll through my news feed for the first…

Not All Who Wander Need Memory Care

A man named John lives at the Assisted Living where my mom lives. He has dementia. I’d been told he is moving soon to a smaller group home. The AL says John has started to “wander” a bit, and they were saying he has to go to memory care. I’m not sure that what he’s doing is wandering, neither is his family.

Yesterday John was on the sidewalk again. Here is how I helped to gently coax him back inside.

Older women teach younger women. It's a command. Are you willing?

An Older Woman

We are told in the Bible that older women are to teach younger women. Are you willing to be such an older woman? Do you have an older woman in your life to speak the truth in love to you? I didn’t have such a woman in my life when my kids were little. I wish I had.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

This weekend I am in Grand Forks, North Dakota at Grand Forks Air Force Base. My friend Casey invited me to a women’s conference here. Along with the women of the Prairie Rose Chapel, I will be studying Living a Life of True Worship tonight and tomorrow. This 40-Minute Study is written by my friends…