Lament for a Son

I am reading this book. It is not a How To on grief. It is a book full of a father’s laments over the loss of his son. Our pastor shared this quote yesterday. Facing our fifth Christmas without Andrew, I know these laments. Still. This foreverness hurts. Yes, joy and grief do coexist. Especially…

Own Your Feelings

Our loved ones were unique. Their lives were unique. Their deaths were unique. We are unique. Our grief journey will be unique. And we are each in a unique place in our journey. When we share our stories, we help others more when we own our feelings. Read more: Own Your Feelings

Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks

Even in grief and suffering we can and must rejoice, pray, and give thanks. We don’t rejoice or give thanks because our loved one died or because we are suffering; we does these things because God is who He says He is and does what He promises to do. He is working in us to…


Hearing songs from your loved one’s funeral in commercials or while shopping can hit you in the gut and cause waves of painful grief to overcome you.

The Work He Began Is Not Complete

When a loved one dies, we think back on their life, on all they accomplished. And on the things they did not yet accomplish. Philippians 1:6 is a beautiful verse. A promise. The work that God began in your loved one’s life is not yet complete. He will bring it to completion at the Day…

A New Overcoat

A friend who knew loss shared with me that loss of a child is like putting on “a heavy overcoat” which I will wear the rest of my life.


From four years ago. Still true today.

”Feeling anger is not sin.  It is not wrong.  But it is also not helpful for me.  I could park myself there and go about life filled with anger, which would result in my being hateful and hurtful to others.”