Go To the Funeral

My thoughts today. As yet another family prepares to bury their son. GO TO THE FUNERAL! Yes, it’s hard. No, it’s not convenient. But think how hard it is for his parents! Your presence shows them they are loved. Even if you did not know their child, if you are invited…go. Show them you care.…

Dear Momma Who Has Lost a Child

You are not alone. Many of us also experienced loss. We want to walk beside you, love you, and pray with you. We will cry together and laugh together as we share stories of our children and our faith. We found hope in Christ with the help of an amazing ministry: While We’re Waiting.

Own Your Feelings

Our loved ones were unique. Their lives were unique. Their deaths were unique. We are unique. Our grief journey will be unique. And we are each in a unique place in our journey. When we share our stories, we help others more when we own our feelings. Read more: Own Your Feelings