My parents weren’t perfect. Far from it. They made many mistakes. They did the best they could with the tools they had. I chose to forgive their failings, and my life is better because I chose forgiveness and grace rather than resentment and bitterness. I pray my children will do the same for me and…

Coaching, and Leading Bible Study

Do I love and respect the women in my class? Do I show them I care about them? Do I listen to their thoughts as we discuss each passage? Even the ones who may seem immature and ignorant of the Word? Do I view all those in my class as precious children of God, worthy of love and respect?
If not, I have little chance of making a positive difference as a discussion leader.

There Is A Solution

Today I am grateful that there is a solution to addiction. I’m grateful for all my friends who not only live beautiful lives free from drug and alcohol addiction but who also help others find the solution. I love you all. You are blessings in my life. You have encouraged me when I was going…