There Is A Solution

Today I am grateful that there is a solution to addiction. I’m grateful for all my friends who not only live beautiful lives free from drug and alcohol addiction but who also help others find the solution. I love you all. You are blessings in my life. You have encouraged me when I was going…


Hearing songs from your loved one’s funeral in commercials or while shopping can hit you in the gut and cause waves of painful grief to overcome you.

The Work He Began Is Not Complete

When a loved one dies, we think back on their life, on all they accomplished. And on the things they did not yet accomplish. Philippians 1:6 is a beautiful verse. A promise. The work that God began in your loved one’s life is not yet complete. He will bring it to completion at the Day…

A New Overcoat

A friend who knew loss shared with me that loss of a child is like putting on “a heavy overcoat” which I will wear the rest of my life.