Getting Her Hair Washed

I came home from a trip two days ago and it was clear E’s hair had not been washed in at least two weeks. When I asked E about going to a salon to get it washed, she replied, “I don’t give a sh** about my hair!” Well then! I quickly dropped that topic!

Here is what I did to deal with the situation.

Instructions Not Needed

I was talking with my daughter and remembering how I handled a trip with E a while ago. It involved a hotel stay…. We had arrived in our hotel after a long day of packing up her room for the move to her new home and then driving 6 hours. Check in had taken a…

Be Present

“Be present.” “Be in the moment.” We’ve heard these phrases. As in “learn to be present with those around you instead of on your device” and “be in the moment without regrets of yesterday or fear of tomorrow.” Dealing with a person who has dementia has made this so clear to me! Be present! Enjoy…