From four years ago. Still true today.

”Feeling anger is not sin.  It is not wrong.  But it is also not helpful for me.  I could park myself there and go about life filled with anger, which would result in my being hateful and hurtful to others.”

Angry Rants? No Thanks.

So many Facebook rants full of anger and rage! Many posted by folks who confess Christ. Yet God tells us in Galatians that strife, divisions, fits of anger are works of the flesh. We are to live by the Spirit.  No, I’m not happy with everything going on in Washington, but I don’t have time…


Amazingly, I have never been mad at God or the driver of the car. The day we found out about the accident, Ron and I talked with each other about how Andrew’s life was complete. It was completed the moment he died; it was also complete every day. He lived life to the fullest. He…