Grateful for Grief

I wrote this to a friend earlier today. He was my son’s friend. He is now my friend. And he’s grieving the loss of yet another friend. I thought I’d share it with you. Are you grateful for the grief and trials in your life? If so, why? Please share in the comments.

Go To the Funeral

My thoughts today. As yet another family prepares to bury their son. GO TO THE FUNERAL! Yes, it’s hard. No, it’s not convenient. But think how hard it is for his parents! Your presence shows them they are loved. Even if you did not know their child, if you are invited…go. Show them you care.…

Dear Momma Who Has Lost a Child

You are not alone. Many of us also experienced loss. We want to walk beside you, love you, and pray with you. We will cry together and laugh together as we share stories of our children and our faith. We found hope in Christ with the help of an amazing ministry: While We’re Waiting.

Every Good Gift Is from God

So many beautiful things in nature and all around us! The majestic trees and beautiful sunsets. Flowers, birds, lovely insects like dragonflies and butterflies and ladybugs. Yesterday as I sat pondering the past few weeks and missing not only my son by also my sweet mother-in-law who taught me to be a good wife and…

A New Overcoat

A friend who knew loss shared with me that loss of a child is like putting on “a heavy overcoat” which I will wear the rest of my life.

Bereaved Fathers Day

Today is international Bereaved Fathers Day. Dads hurt and mourn as much as moms, but they often don’t show it. Nor do they get the support moms do. If you’re a dad who has experienced the death of your child of any age for any cause, please know I’m praying for you today. And please…