While We’re Waiting


While We’re Waiting is a faith-based ministry for bereaved parents. They host weekend retreats for parents, mini retreats for moms and dads, and a Facebook group for parents to share their needs and hope with other parents who have experienced the death of a child. Whether your child was a toddler, pre-born, a teen, young adult or older and married with children of their own, this group can help you deal with the loss of a child. Some have lost children through miscarriage, illness, accidents, overdose, suicide and even murder. Our children were each unique and their deaths were unique. But we face similar challenges and emotions. And the solution to our pain is the same: Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

I am so thankful that a friend introduced me to this group shortly after our son died. They have shared their own grief and encouraged me to fight the good fight, to finish the race. We know that God chose to allow our child to die and left us here with work still to do. This group strives to help bereaved parents live well while waiting for the great reunion in Heaven with our loved ones and our Savior.

If you are a bereaved parent, please consider joining the Facebook group. And check out their website for retreat dates.




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